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English Speaking Course

You want to learn how to speak English fluently, but do not know where to start? Welcome to the Best English speaking course app in Hindi. In this English speaking class, you will learn frequently used English sentences used in daily life. English Speaking Course is a very new and innovative application to learn English Speaking Fluently.

This app is mainly focused on the day to day examples of English so it will be easy to understand English fastly. “English Speaking Course” in Hindi book is written for Hindi speakers who want to learn spoken English through Hindi.
practics from our set of Daily English Speaking Sentences.

Learn basic English grammar to avoid mistakes when you speak. This English speaking course in Hindi, you can learn English tenses, passive voice, and much more. Learn English Conversation In English contains very useful sentences in your daily life. English for Hindi Speakers, This app Method provides everything English for Hindi Speakers needs to learn English as a second language.

English Speaking Course in Hindi ! this App for everyone who wants to speak fluent English This course contains step by step lesson to learn English

You can find:- Alphabet, Letters, Pronunciation, General Vocabulary, Elementary Grammar, The Sentence, Tenses, Questions and Sentences of Daily Use, Play-way Revision, Common Errors, Voice, Agreement of Verb and Subject, Narration, Formation, and Usage of Words, Punctuation, The Participle, and the Gerund, Composition Writing, Vocabulary Practice.

English Grammar Master is a completely offline English grammar reference book to learn and master English Grammar, covering a wide range of grammar topics.

Topics Included
1. Adjectives
2. Adverbs
3. Articles
4. Capitalization
5. Conditionals
6. Conjunctions
7. Degree of Comparison
8. Determiners
9. Direct & Indirect Speech
10. Distributives
11. Few, a few differences
12. Gerunds
13. Going to
14. Had Better
15. Homonyms
16. Idioms
17. Independent & Dependent Clauses
18. Irregular Verbs
19. Modals
20. Must, have to differences
21. Nouns & Pronouns
22. Parts of Speech
23. Passive Voice
24. Phrases
25. Prepositions
26. Punctuation
27. Tenses
28. Usage of Do-Make
29. Usage of Will – Going to
30. Verbs

– Wide Range of topics
– Complete Topics Coverage
– Regular Updates
– Complete support

This app will help you in your career plan and helps in the preparation of English as well as competitive exams and curriculum exams.

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